wolfhound rescue

All Bilkau Irish wolfhounds are sold with breeding contracts where in the new owners agree to contact our kennel if for any reason they are unable to keep their Irish wolfhound. We in turn guarantee either to assist in rehoming the dog as we normally have a list of potential Irish wolfhound owners or in extreme cases to house the dog until a new home can be found.


I live on a well fenced farm with high walls, and the security is good.. I am 48 yrs old, usually I am fit :>) would walk more if I had a Wolfhound, as would feel much more secure with a big dog....love the beach, swimming, I love the outdoors, drive a large vehicle plenty of room for a giant of a dog....I ride my friends horses, am a lover of animals and would give a Wolfhound lots of love in a forever home, and share my kingsize bed... Would very much appreciate being considered for a Wolfhound...

Kheira, Nico, Keagan and Lucky

I am 40 years old and for 18 years I trained big cats and other exotic animals including wolves in the United States. During that time I owned English Mastiffs, Malamutes, Pointers and Rottweilers. I have fallen in love with large breed dogs and I am familiar with the gentle giant Irish Wolfhound. I have been in love with Irish Wolfhounds for years, I talked to many a breeder in the USA at various dog shows but I have never had the fortune of owning one.

We are unfortunately not in a position to purchase a pure bred puppy and we are not interested in showing one. I am married, I live in Durban South Africa with my animal loving ex game ranger husband and one year old son. We also have a lab cross named lucky who is 8 but acts 2. We recently lost my English Mastiff/Boerbul cross Obelix :) that I rescued from the local SPCA when I moved here. Lucky is sad without a friend and I truly miss having a large breed dog in my life. We always care for our fur children if they cannot come on a trip we arrange for a sitter at our house so that they are in familiar territory and are comfortable. We love our dogs and consider them family members. Our dogs are indoor dogs that happen to play in a large back yard while we are at work. Our dogs are always micro-chipped and have collars and tags. Whenever one gets sick they are taken to a veterinarian immediately. We do not shy away from the surgeries or taking any necessary steps that enable our dogs to have a happy, healthy life.

We would be honored if you would put us on your list should any Irish Wolfhound or Irish Wolfhound cross become available needing a home. (I know this happens rarely and that it could take months or even years). Although we cannot afford a show quality puppy sometimes in the United States puppies would be available as a family dog (if for some reason they had a show fault - these were from the reputable breeders that admitted that the puppy had a fault and refused to put it down and instead would rehome it in a non-show home). Should any family dog puppy become available please keep us in mind.

For assistance with rehoming Irish wolfhounds please contact Kim on 082 4587557.