daschund history

German hunters bread the dachshund for hunting. It is said to have been bread from dwarf mutations of taller hunting hounds like the Schweisshund (bloodhound) and the Bibarhund. By the 18th century hunters had shorted the legs in the hunting hounds by selective breeding; Thus producing the standard Dachshund.

Standard dachshunds were used in packs to hunt and catch wild boar and to go into badger dens. The Dachshund would chase the badger out of the den and corner it for the hunter. This helped the hunter because then the badgers were not attacking their horses.

German foresters reduced body size of the Dachshund by selective breeding to create a miniature version of the Standard Dachshund. The Foresters did this so the Dachshund could go into rabbit holes easier. The Dachshund would chase the rabbit out of the hole and the hunter would then kill the rabbit.

miniature Dachshunds were also used for hunting fox and tracking deer that were wounded from the hunter.

For as long as the Dachshund has been around the Germans divided them into three categories, unlike the Americans that only use two categories.

In Germany they categorize the Dachshund by the size of hole it can enter. The first category is the standard Dachshund. The second and third are the miniature Dachshund which is split into two categories. The first one is the dwarf Dachshund that measures approximately 30 cm around its chest. Finally the third category is the rabbit Dachshund that measures approximately 35 cm around its chest.

The Dachshund is a very popular dog America and Great Britain. In fact, in 1913 before WW1 they were in the top ten breeds. during WW1 and WW2 the number of Dachshunds in America and Great Britain declined drastically because they were associated with Germany.

By 1940 the Dachshund regained its status as one in the top ten breeds.

The first dachshund registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) was in1885. The Dachshunds name was Dash, he was black and tan and owned by Dr. G.D. Stewart. Dachshunds have been one of the top ten most popular dogs in the AKC for decades.

The club was for smooth dachshunds only. The wirehaired club started in 1927 they were breed to hunt in briar and thorn bushes. The longhaired club was then started in 1929.

Dachshunds are also a very popular dog in Australia, Denmark, Holland, France, and India. Thanks to our ancestors we now have a great breed of dog to call our own.