daschund grooming

Grooming a Dachshund is very simple if you do it regularly. The Dachshund is one of the easiest dog breeds to take care of and groom. On this page you will learn how to brush, bath, cut nails, clean teeth, wash ears, and take care of anal hygiene. All of these things are part of keeping your dog looking and feeling its best. Just like people, they don't like feeling dirty and itchy. If you pay attention to all of these grooming areas you will find that your Dachshund will have less medical problems and any potential problems will be picked up quicker.

Cleaning Dachshund Teeth

The easiest ways to clean your Dachshunds teeth are to give them chew toys and rawhide bones. Both of these naturally help keep the tartar on their teeth down to a minimum. The rest of the tartar will need to be taken care of by you. Dental care is an important part of grooming a Dachshund, just like it is with humans.

The first thing you need to do when grooming a Dachshund is get a dog toothbrush and paste. There are different types of toothbrushes, ones that look like a regular toothbrush and ones that fits over the tip of your finger. Next get dog toothpaste. There is special kind of toothpaste that you need for a dog. Do Not use human toothpaste. You can find dog toothpaste at any pet store. They come in different flavors like chicken, beef, and liver.

You will need to brush your Dachshunds teeth once a week. Take your toothbrush and work in an up and down motion messaging their gums as you go. If your Dachshunds teeth build up too much tartar it can cause bad breath, infections, and gum disease. Always remember when you are done brushing their teeth to give them a nice reward. They will associate the two and brushing their teeth will get easier. The younger you start brushing their teeth the better.

Cleaning Dachshund Ears

The next part of grooming a Dachshund is ear care. When looking at the inside of your Dachshunds ears they should be nice and pink, not RED. Take a damp washcloth or cotton ball and gently wipe the inside of the ears. Only wipe the areas that you can see, do not poke or put anything into their inner ears. You can buy specific cleaner and powder at pet stores or your veterinarian's office. Do Not Use alcohol because it will dry out the ears.

If you suspect that your Dachshund has an ear infection or mites then take them to your veterinarian so they can diagnose the problem, this is part of grooming a Dachshund. You need to know when outside help is needed. Also if you feel that further cleaning is necessary let the experts do it, take them to the vet. Please Do Not try to use a Q-Tip to clean further down their ear, this could cause more damage.

Dachshund Anal Hygiene

This part of grooming a Dachshund is not the most exciting part, but needs to be done. Believe it or not your Dachshund does not mind and they will not fight it. It will make them feel better and help prevent any blocked anal sacs, which could lead to an infection. *If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself please see a professional groomer or your vet's office. * One way you will know if your Dachshund needs its anal glands drained is if they are licking the region excessively or dragging their rear on the floor a lot.

To empty the anal sacs wear protective gloves first. I always put my Dachshund in the bathtub for less mess. You will place your fingers on either side of the anal region, the thumb at 8 and the pointer finger at 4. Apply pressure from both sides. You will see a brownish fluid come out. The fluid should be the consistency of water. If the fluid is pasty then you will want to see your veterinarian. It could mean the start of a blockage. If nothing comes out try repositioning your fingers and try again if still nothing then you will want to get your Dachshund into the vet for a checkup. The cost of having the anal glands drained is usually minimal.

Once again if you DO NOT feel comfortable please leave it up to a Professional.

Brushing Your Dachshund

Grooming a Dachshund means brushing them often. No matter what type of coat they have they will need to be brushed.

For longhairs, You will need to use a stiff bristled brush and a comb on your Dachshund frequently. First run your fingers through the hair trying to get out any knots or snarls. Then take the brush or comb and start working it through the hair. Make sure to get under the belly, behind all the legs, and behind the ears. These are the spots that will most likely get snarls in them the most. Every once in a while you will have to take your longhaired Dachshund to the groomers to get his shawl thinned out. You might be asking yourself what is a shawl? Well that is the area around his neck. If you don't thin this area out they will end up looking similar to a lion with a mane.

Bathing Your Dachshund

Bathing is the fun part of grooming a Dachshund. Dachshunds do not need to be bathed very often, once every three or four months or if they get into something. Always remember Only use dog shampoos on your Dachshund. Human shampoo, bubble bath, or hand soap can dry out your Dachshunds coat; they need the oils on their skin. Before putting your Dachshund in the water try to prepare yourself for the task. Think about what you might need while bathing. Where are you going to bath your dog? In the bathtub? The Kitchen, Laundry Room or Bathroom sink? Do you have a no slip surface in your bathtub? If not get one at your local department store. When your Dachshund feels safe then it will not struggle as much. The more your Dachshund struggles the more possibility there is for injury. Grab a couple of towels, a pitcher or cup, and your dog shampoo. Run the bath water so that it is warm, NOT HOT.

Now you are ready to bath your Dachshund. The first step after placing your dog into the water is wetting them down completely. Try not to get water or soap in their ears. Next get your shampoo and lather them up good; making sure to get the underside of them, their paws, and under the chin. Try and stay away from the eyes as much as possible. If you notice that you were unable to get a rich lather going then go ahead and rinse your dog and re lather them again. When rinsing your Dachshund use the pitcher or cup that you have and pour water over them until the water runs clear. Don't forget to rinse their stomach and legs as well. If you do not get all of the soap off of them they will itch, causing skin problem. Now that they are all rinsed off and clean grab the towel and lift them out. Make sure to lift your Dachshund out of the tub, don't let him jump out himself it could cause injury. It will most likely take more than one towel to get your Dachshund dry. you can use a blow dryer on them. Do not let your Dachshund outside until they are dry, you don't want them getting the chills or dirty again. Now that you have ended your bath session and everything has gone well reward your Dachshund with a treat and give them lots of love.

Trimming Dachshunds Nails

An important part of grooming a Dachshund is trimming its nails. Trim the nails after you give your Dachshund a bath. This will help because the water softens them up for you. The more your dog is around pavement, either by going on walks or in the back yard the longer you can go between nail trimmings. Standards do not require nail trimmings as often as miniature Dachshund do.

If you have two people at home ask for some assistance, this part of grooming a Dachshund can be difficult. Dachshunds are very strong and you don't want to cut them if they jerk away. Have your helper hold them on their back with their head under their chin or on their chest. Use dog nail clippers that look like a guillotine rather than ones that look like pliers.

Look at the nail if it is a white nail you will see a pink vein running through it, this is called the quick. You do not want to cut the quick of the nail. This causes the dog pain and can cause bleeding. If this does happen by accident then use some styptic powder on it. You can purchase this product at any pest store. If the dog's nails are black this task is a little trickier. Trim just the tips of the nails, a little at a time. If you do not feel comfortable doing this take your Dachshund to the groomers or your vet.